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We offer efficient financing solutions for development projects that are proven, time and again. See our success stories and the projects we’ve brought to fruition.
Property Development Finance For Residential Developers
Having trouble securing end-to-end development finance from your bank or other development lenders? That’s where we can help. At Clearwell Capital, we can create the optimal solution to finance your project.

Our Real Estate Development Loan is designed for small to medium property developers building for residential purposes. No matter your timescale, we’re here to provide support from laying your first brick to selling your completed project.

Discover the developments we’ve supported in our latest case studies.
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Construction of 9 Terrace Houses on a site boarding Thetford Castle Mound.

12 Month Senior Development Loan on a part-built development, the borrower chose to go with Clearwell due to having a bad experience with the original Senior lender.

We provided a £1.50m Senior Development Loan on a GDV of £2.235m.
The scheme is to build 2 large, barn style detached houses in a semi-rural location.

The borrower partially built the units using his own equity, Clearwell stepped in using a third-party quantity surveyor to confirm the funds required to complete the units and funded the scheme with a senior development loan.

We provided a £1.04m Senior Development Loan on a GDV of £1.49m.
The scheme consisted of converting an old Vicarage into 5 flats.

Clearwell carried out the development on a Mezzanine Loan before offering a Senior Development Loan to allow additional funds to complete the construction and allow time for the units refinanced.

We provided a £2.67m Senior Development Loan on a GDV of £3.91m.
The scheme was to convert an office block into 8 flats.

Construction was completed 6 months ahead of the forecast 12 month build schedule. The borrower subsequently refinanced and rented out all of the flats within the block.

We provided a £830k Senior Development Loan on a GDV of £1.125m.

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