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Bridging Loans

Need to borrow money for a short period, to get your project over the finish line? Bridging finance is the solution for you - explore our expert solutions today!
Bridging Finance

Need to borrow money for a short period to get your project over the finish line? Bridging finance is the finance solution for you.

A bridging loan for property development can help to ‘bridge the gap’ to part-finance your project until it’s complete. Our bridging finance options are designed for small to medium property developers building for residential purposes.

No matter your timescale, we can provide the support you need.


What you need to know about Bridging Loans

Clearwell can provide a variety of bridging loans to suit your requirements
Bridge to Develop

Bridging loans allow developers to move quickly and acquire sites without having to go through a traditional development finance provider which can be time consuming. Bridging loans can also allow developers to implement value add strategies before committing to a full development finance package.

As a specialist development lender we are ideally placed to provide bridge to develop loans.

Exit Bridges

Exit bridges allow developers to refinance projects that are nearing completion and release some of their profits prior to all the units being sold. Utilising exit bridges allows developers to move onto new projects whilst the sales process completes.

Second Charge Bridging Loans

A second charge bridging loan is a loan that sits alongside an existing property mortgage. If you have enough equity in the property to secure additional borrowing against it, you may be able to take out a second charge bridging loan. If you have no mortgage or outstanding debt on your property, a bridge loan can be your first charge loan.

Understanding what bridging loan is best suited to your requirements is where we come in. With efficient and friendly experts to provide advice and guidance for your project, we can ensure that you get the necessary funding to achieve your goals.



An example of one of a variety of efficient and flexible finance solutions provided by Clearwell Capital since 2014.

We provided our client with a nine-month Bridge Loan with a First Charge on land with planning for 29 units to allow the borrower a quicker purchase while they finalised development finance.

We were then repaid via refinancing once development finance had been arranged.

Loan Amount: £900,000

Discover more developments we’ve supported in our latest case studies to see what we could do for you.

  • Weymouth Property with funding from Clearwell Capital

Bridge Loan Lending Criteria

• Viable - The scheme should be viable with current planning permission
• Residential Lead - We will consider sites with a commercial element of less than 20% of GDV
• Profitable - Minimum profit on the cost of 20% after finance costs
• Loan sizes from £100,000 - £1,000,000
• Loan term from 6-36 months
• Loan to Cost up to 90% (although we can consider higher than 90%)
• Loan to GDV up to 75%
• Proven track record of developments
• 2x facility amount in net assets
• Willing to provide a personal guarantee
Clearwell Capital by numbers.
Clearwell Capital has been supporting SME housebuilders since 2014. Supporting the development of over £340M worth of property across the UK.
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Why Choose Us For Stretch Senior Development Finance?

Here at Clearwell Capital, we also pride ourselves on our premium standard of customer service, and pride ourselves on sending out 86% within 24 hours of receiving the application.

We have also reduced our processing time to an average of 4 - 8 weeks, which is one of the fastest you’ll find in the industry. Once a site visit has been undertaken, it typically takes our expert teams less than a week to secure credit committee approval for your bridging finance.

This means that we can confidently guide you through the process while being mindful of the time-sensitive nature of your project.

Talk to us today to see how much you could borrow and take the first step towards a supportive, end-to-end property development finance partnership,


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Clearwell Capital provide Bridging Loans?
Clearwell are not a specialist bridging lender; however, our versatility allows us to look at bridging transactions where site development is the anticipated exit of the Bridging Loan.

What is the interest rate on a Bridging Finance?
Clearwell typically charge a fixed 1% per month on Bridging transactions.

How quickly can Clearwell complete a Bridging Loan?
As Clearwell are not a specialist Bridging Lender, we need to undertake full due diligence of the property title and a full valuation report, meaning that completions of our bridging facilities take between 2-4 weeks from Clearwell’s Credit approval.

Do Clearwell Capital use a 90- or 180-day valuation amount when assessing a Bridging Loan?
No, Clearwell uses the full valuation amount based on an open market sale.

Please get in touch with Roger, our expert on Bridging Loans.

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